Android app works fine except for in live mode - images lag by over a minute at times

I'm using OpenLP on a PC running Windows 10 (with no other software running, and all updates up to date), with the andriod app connected to the network by WiFi (PC is connected by Ethernet). I'm not using https, just http.

The app works well in service mode, but there is a terrible lag with large images on the live mode on a relatively high spec Android tablet (a recently purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7). There is no lag in stage mode which is mostly text and small thumbnail images. In live mode, sometimes the lag is a few seconds, but it is often over a minute, and sometimes it never catches up no matter how long I wait. This is especially on PowerPoint images. Sometimes it seems as if the Android misses a slide, and when the next one is clicked it updates with the last one, and sometimes then catches up on later slides, skipping one. 

In the past, the problem was worse with transitions between slides in PowerPoint - it seems that if a transition took 2 seconds, one of the early frames of the transition was sent as the image for the next slide, instead of the final transition. I've since had no transitions or effects in PowerPoint to prevent that. Although I haven't used the remote for some time, because of lags and lack of need in the past, I'm back trying to get it working now due to needing it. 

The WiFi icon seems to be working flat out, though, with upload and download arrows permanently active, when in live mode and with lagging images. Is this related?

It'd be great to get this working, as it would do away with the need for a hard-wired SVGA monitor wired from the projector pass-thru.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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