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We have using OpenLP for some time, about a year ago we made a switch from projector to tvs. In doing so I found that all the stock themes and those I had built previously did not work any longer as they did not "fit" the screen. So I began creating new themes with 16:9 as the image sizes... Now suddenly today I open up OpenLP and none of my newer 16:9 themes fit the screens, however all the old ones do now. NO changes had or have been made...

What changed?
 Do I now have to rebuild all my 16:9 backgrounds?
What am I missing?


  • As I have now gone through some of them it is obviously stretching the older images. The 16:9 images which should fit our tvs have a black header and footer... Before today the old images had a black margin both left and right... Don't know if that helps but thought it might be pertinent...
  • It is also causing some real issues with the lyrics display. Breaking the song up, massive outline at only 1pt setting. Etc...
  • Hello CCAG - I usually find that when the themes appear different after restarting or turning off/on your system that the computer has changed the settings on the display going to the projector (or in your case, the TV's).

    I would suggest that before starting OpenLP after bringing your system up that you go into the display settings on the computer and verify that they haven't changed (ex: my setup has 1900x1280 for the projector, but occasionally the computer will reset to 1024x768 resolution).
  • Why did you rename this thread? I believe the admins generally try to avoid deleting threads - they can contain valuable information for other users.

    With that in mind, did you solve your problem? If so, how?
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