Deleting Duplicate Songs

Is there any way to "batch delete duplicate songs", or to tell OLP to automatically delete any duplicate songs it finds?


  • Determining which songs are duplicates can be tricky, and some people intentionally make duplicate songs. Adding an automatic duplicate deleter would leave a lot our users with a foul experience.

    Have you tried Ctrl+Clicking the songs in the Library and clicking the delete button?
  • Thanks Raoul. I seem to have triple the size of my original songs (each song has at least 2 duplicates) I have around 1000 original songs, and now with duplicates, about 3000. Its bad and long enough to wait for OLP scan through the song database whilst it determines the duplicates. To then go through clicking each of these duplicate songs for deletion is just an impossible task I want to go through. I built up these duplicates every time I transfer/import my Easyworship songs to OLP, since OLP has no selectable function to disregard same name/title/duplicate song when importing from other sources! I'll probably just live with the headache of having the duplicates.
  • Isn't there a built in tool to search for duplicates? I'm certain I've used it before. Check the Tools menu. You still have to confirm each action, but it's better than doing it all by hand...
  • Would it be worth having this as an import option - import only those which don't have a duplicate...

    The import would be MUCH slower, but that might be a price worth paying...
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    Just going through the 378 duplicates at the moment...

     - Would be really nice to have differences highlighted
     - Would be nice to have the display sections line up (so V1 is at the same height on both/all panes)
     - Would be really nice to be able to edit at the same time, so I could add an alternate title etc
  • More comments having finally got through the 400 odd 'duplicates'
     - Once there is only one song left it could take it and advance to the next duplicate (maybe optional)
     - Rearrange songs when you have 7 'duplicates' but they are actually 4 different songs ;)

     - Can we have a way of stopping and coming back to it later?
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    I had a set of 7 'duplicates'
    From memory they were something like ABCBDDA (each letter representing a real song)
    To figure that the two end ones were actually identical was harder than it needed to be (even when I'd dropped middle duplicates out - because you can't actually see all that many songs side by side).  It's probably a rare enough case that it's not worth lots of effort, but it was sufficiently challenging that I felt it worth comment...
  • Yeah, getting that order worked out would be difficult. We are using a fairly advanced fuzzy matching algorithm as it is, but a human will always match better than a machine.

    Thanks for your comments.
  • Yes - the fuzzy matching was pretty good actually.
    There weren't too many false matches, but there were quite a few when I would have liked to be able to copy and paste to add a verse into one side or to split a verse into two...
    If the 'deduplicate as I import' function was created then that could also usefully show which song is the potential import and which is/are from the existing dB.
  • Because I've imported songs from our existing (videopsalm) software, I want to keep the duplicates that match our hymnbooks. If the summary information in the wizard for each duplicate song included its songbook tag, that would help a lot. Thanks.
  • @bilkie I agree the addition of the songbook would help.  The latest test version of OpenLP has more information than version 2.4.6.  Remember this is preliminary at this to add the songbook!

  • Yes, there is. And even in the latest release - 2.94 RC3? - It's still in the same location in the Tools menu, and then under Songs. But -

    When I use it, I click the description screen Next button and immediately my computer registers that OpenLP is not responding. (I might have some screens wrong. I'm currently leaving OpenLP running to see if it sorts itself out. and I'll update this comment if it ever does get itself sorted. Or maybe I'll have to force quit it once again and then I'll be able to update the names of the menus and screens.

    This is the fourth attempt at using this 'wizard'. The OpenLP not responding message has occurred on each previous occasion, but I haven't been able to leave it running for more than about 15 minutes at a time. I don't know if this message would or should appear only whilst OpenLp is trawling through the list of songs to determine which songs are duplicates.

  • Rather than edit my post above, I'm going to add my comments here.

    I was able to leave the 'wizard' running for close to 5 hours, albeit unintentionally. Unfortunately, there was no change in the behaviour of the 'Wizard'. It locked the application immediately and it remained in that state. It was still like that when I arrived at home over four and a half hours later. I'm fairly certain that it wasn't going to show any duplicate songs after that.

    My conclusion is that this tool doesn't work as intended. Sad for me.

  • I just tried this out, and it worked fine for me. Having said that, I'm running from source on Linux. Did you see any errors in the log files?

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