Problem opening and shutting down OLP & Others

I have problem 8 times out of 10 starting and shutting down OLP. I have re-installed the software without a cure. When I start the software, I often just get the OLP logo in the middle of the screen/projector, static without anything further happening, until I invoke task manager to end task and/or re-start the computer by few times. Also sometimes when trying to close/exit OLP, most of the times it doesn't exit, and the OLP main menu stays static on the screen, again until I invoke task manager to end task and/or re-start the computer. The laptop is a very new machine too with Win 10.

The other issue I have is about not being able to successfully transfer/copy my loaded media (videos) and images (basically pictures and slides of still images, from one computer to another, and for them to show up/display on the 2nd computer. I used the OLP "Open data Folder" option under tools menus to transfer the media and images over but still didn't work - keeps saying "the file/the following images no longer exist on ....(the original named drive/directory from where it was copied/created). I even replicated the folder/drive on the 2nd computer from the first computer, and copied all the images/media into the drive/folder..but still not working. Any help appreciated.


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    A couple thoughts:
    1. Find and upload your log file.  To find your log file, open File Explorer and in the address bar at the top put in the following and press Enter:  %AppData%\openlp\
      That will take you right to OpenLP's data location on Windows, and you want the file there named openlp.log
      You could copy & paste the contents here or (better) upload it as an attachment.

    2. The problem might be related to Windows itself, so let's have a look at the Windows Logs.  Press the start button and type Event Viewer, and the first thing listed under Best Match should be a Desktop App called Event Viewer.  Open that up (be patient - it can take a while for Windows to parse through everything).
      Navigate to Windows Logs -> Application and look for any Error entries (they have a red ! icon).  Click on them, and see if they're related to OpenLP.  If so, copy the text of the General tab & paste it into your forum update.  There may be several errors, but we'd only need a couple of each "type".
      The other place to look in Event Viewer is Windows Logs -> System.  Just like before, look for any errors.  These won't necessarily say OpenLP on them, but if they occur at roughly the same time as any OpenLP errors, then it's a good bet they're related.  Just like before, copy a couple of each "type" of error so we can get a feel for the problem.
    EDIT - I'm not sure if this is related to your issue or not, but I've noticed that on Windows 10 if I try to shutdown the computer immediately after closing OpenLP, I'll get an error message about OpenLP trying to access an invalid memory location.  I suspect that OpenLP is doing some shut down behavior of its own, and shutting down the computer itself is interfering with that.  But I haven't noticed any other problems or errors, so I haven't been worried about it.
  • Thanks Milon. Will check/try this out as soon as I am able to and feedback
  • Hi Milon
    Find attached logs of errors under Event Viewer as you have suggested. Thanks
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    Hi Milon
    Find attached logs of errors under Event Viewer as you have suggested. Thanks

    Why can I not see the document I attached!!???,,,hence I tried to post it again...but still cannot see the attached document, hope others can see it.
  • Yeah, I've never been able to find forum attachments here either. @raoul, is there something going on with attachments?

    Anyway, @olaleye1962, email them to me and I'll take a look. Click my user name to go to my profile page where you'll find my email listed near the top (small text, look close).
  • I found this quote from raoul about attachments in another recent comment:

    I've changed the way the forum does uploads. Use the "Attach a file" link to upload a file. The previous system worked, but you had to drag and drop the file into the editor box after uploading in order for it to show up in the post (unintuitive, I know).

    @olaleye1962, try re-attaching your files again using the above method.
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