Problems loading pptx files into OpenLP

We have just moved to running OpenLP (2.4.6) on Windows 10, with Impress (LibreOffice 5.3 as far as I remember) on our church PC. When setting services up at home, I have noticed that Impress doesn't always render pptx files correctly when showing them as slide shows, even if they look ok in edit mode. So, I decided to install the powerpoint viewer on our church PC (as the new PC didn't have MS Office - the old one had MS Office 2010, or possibly 2007).

Now, having selected both Impress and PPT Viewer as presentation options in OpenLP, I found that loading pptx presentations gets to a certain point and then stops. (May be similar to this - ). I then have to use Task Manager to stop OpenLP. The same happens if I only have the PPT viewer option ticked. However, if I only have Impress ticked, the same file loads with no problems. This seems to affect every pptx file - I didn't get the chance to try any ppt files.

Is it worth installing the full version of Powerpoint? If so, what version - we have a license for Office 2016, but from looking through the forum it appears that this may not work too well with OpenLP.

Am I also right in thinking that only the 2007 and earlier version of the PPT viewer work correctly (at all?) with OpenLP? We only had the 2010 version available, so that is what I tried to use.

Any help is much appreciated.




  • I don't have any relevant experience to offer, but you could try opening the pptx file in Office 2016 and Save As a PPT file instead. The PPT file might work better than pptx, but again I don't have any relevant experience in this area.
  • The problem most people have with opening PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) presentations in OpenLP is that they either include huge images or long presentations, and then OpenLP struggles generating previews for the presentations.

    We haven't looked at PowerPoint Viewer in years, so there's unfortunately no guarantee that any newer versions of the Viewer work with OpenLP. Nothing is stopping you from trying. We also don't have a Windows developer, so we don't have anyone who would be able to take a look and update that code.
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    So a valid option might be to split the pptx into a few smaller files then, yes?
  • Thanks for the responses.

    Unfortunately, apart from the one that caused me to try the PPT Viewer (which I didn't actually try to open on our church PC as we didn't need it in the end), the presentations in question were small - two-three slides, with one small image as part of the background, and were created in Impress.

    I suspect we'll end up installing Office 2016, bit of a nuisance, as we were hoping we wouldn't need it.

  • I'm having the same problem, including for our morning service yesterday (14/Jan) where the pptx contained a few images but also an audio clip making the pptx file ~42Mb.

    Raoul. I think Churches are increasingly using media in their services,  so updating the Windows code to ensure seamless support would be very welcome, as I often have to operate both sound (analogue desk at the back of church) and projection (Windows laptop at the front, which I normally do via OpenLP's remote control) but cannot effectively control PowerPoint remotely. Also, when displaying a PowerPoint directly (rather than via OpenLP), the display image size changes, whereas OoenLP correctly fits the slides to the screen. 
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