Just moved our church over from OpenSong and have a couple of questions.

 As the subject says after an HD died I have just taken the decision to migrate us from OpenSong to OpenLP.
 Our projection team are capable and have a lot of comon sense but are not necessarily very IT literate. So the change is going to be a bit of an up hill struggle for some.
 To this end I have a few questions from my use so far (I have taken on the first couple of weeks projection to bed things in):

1: OpenSong used to have an option to automatically have a blank (themed) slide between each service item is it possible to do similar in OLP?
      I am aware of the blank or change to theme options.

2: Is there any way to tell which part of the window has the focus?
        Our team tend to use the up and down arrows to progress through the service. This is fine till you click on the preview area or the song list etc. At which point your key presses just scroll through the last clicked area and not the live service.

3*: I am seeing a lot of orphaned words. Is there a way to avoid this?
       I am not sure exactly what OS used to do but it seemed to scale the font to fit which did lead to some crazy big text for very short songs but did seem to avoid this issue of orphaned words.

 Other than that thanks for a great bit of software. It has already shown its power after I managed to mangle putting the services together and suddenly discovered that I had got two halves of different services together. I wouldn't have had the song we needed up on screen by the start of the first chorus before and certainly wouldn't have been able to reprogram the rest of the service unseen. So thanks

 * Alright may be slightly more than a couple.

cheers and God bless,



  • Hi, and welcome to OpenLP.

    1. No, not currently.

    2. This largely depends on your operating system. OpenLP uses your OS's widgets for its interface. I'm on Debian Linux with KDE, and KDE highlights the currently focused widget.

    3. I'm not sure what you're talking about, but since you're talking about font sizes and things, have you looked at the section in our manual on themes? https://manual.openlp.org/themes.html

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the swift reply raoul.

    1. Ok. I am hoping to encourage our team to get used to using the . or t function but if it were not to difficult to implement it might be nice to have as an option.

    2. Hmm.. Ok I have just set up the portable version and tried it here on Win7 (I don't have easy access to the church LT during the week). Here it is obvious as the current active one is highlighted in blue and the other ones go grey. I suspect this is a window manager issue then. I will check on Sunday as until we get a cable repaired we are currently sat in the front pew with the laptop sat beside us. This means we are looking down on the screen so if the colour difference is slight it doesn't always show.  

    3. I will admit that I hadn't actually read the manual however I have now. The screenshot below shows the problem* we get.


     The orphaned word is the 'me'. The 'comfort fraught!' isn't technically an orphan but is still annoying. Obviously I can take the font size down till all the words fit on one line but that either leaves other songs with short lines looking lost in the middle of the screen or even to some extent the font a little on the small side. This is because we are in a long church building with one screen at the front**.

    * This is engineered to do this on the portable version I have just set up which has a much higher and also widescreen resolution display than the church projector so have had to set the font much bigger to replicate it. 

    ** Unfortunately being in a 1000 year old listed building limits what we can do or at the very lease slows down actually getting it set up how we would like.



  • 1.  You can create a Custom Slide and apply the same theme (ie. Blue Burst) to it, but don't add any text (or have your text consist of only a single space).  That would give you a blank slide, but it's not automatic at all.

    3. In my opinion, you really should manually break the lyrics at logical places (usually where a singer would draw a breath) and not leave it to the auto-wrap.  It's also really distracting when the font size changes constantly.  There's a ton of articles online that you can read if you search for "lyric projection tips" or "church projection best practices" etc.  Lots of people have lots of opinions, but in the end, standardization helps the congregation (again - in my opinion).
  • An empty custom slide is an option - but it requires that you progress to the 'next item'
    It would be nice to have the option to add a blank slide at the end of songs - let the instruments play out without people expecting to repeat the last verse/chorus.

    It could even be an option per 'item' in the service, because worship groups who run several songs into each other may well want to go straight from text to text, but still have a blank at the end of the last song of the 'set'.
  • That's a feature I would use all the time, if it existed.

    But in the mean time, we add a blank slide to our songs and put it at the end of the song.

    FYI, if you go the Custom Slide route, you can just press the Right arrow key to navigate to the next item in the Service Manager, provided the Live view has focus.
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