Copyright licensing


I'm working with a church in France, and I need to be able to project our copyright license number. However, here in France we have Louange-Traduction-Composition (LTC) instead of CCLI, as LTC both translates many popular worship songs from other languages, and they manage rights for many French songwriters. I put our LTC license number in the CCLI field, but I would like to be able to edit the license field so that its shows "LTC" instead of "CCLI".

Without the ability to edit the footer, I'm not currently able to comply with French copyright laws while using OpenLP. If the CCLI field could accept letters instead of just numbers, I would have simply put "LTC" ahead of our license number, but it seems that field only accepts numbers.

Is there a way to manually change the name of the copyright licence?




  • I wouldn't know about a way to change the display (short of downloading the code, making the change, and re-compiling), but as a workaround you might be able to put the LTC label & code in another part of the footer like the title (ie the title might change to "Song Title, LTC #0123456"). That's not an ideal solution, but it should work until the proper solution is implemented.
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