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I would like to play five mp4 video clips one after the other, in a repeating loop, before the service begins. What is the best way to achieve this in OpenLP?
I don't see any menu options to do this sort of thing with videos, only photos. Is it possible to loop a single video? If so, I could possibly use another program to stitch the five separate ones together.

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  • OpenLP can only loop 1 video clip, so you are correct that the best approach is to stitch them together into 1 video.

    If you're on Windows, you can use Windows Movie Maker to accomplish that.  I don't personally use Mac/Linux, but there's definitely software for that too if you search for it.  There are also several websites that will let you upload & combine videos without needing to install any software.  I haven't used any online video combiners, so I can't personally vouch for any of them.
  • Hi Milon,

    I'll try Movie Maker or something to stitch them together. When I've done that, how do I get the video to loop and play over and over again?

    Thanks for your help,
  • I read loud and clear that you want it "in OpenLP".

    If I had something similar to display in church, I would click on "Show Desktop" button in OpenLP and have VLC Media Player do the loops for me.
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    Looped video isn't something I've done yet with OpenLP.  You can loop custom slides (which we do for announcements), but I'm not actually seeing a loop option for video.  I think I'd go with Ezra's suggestion and use a full-screen VLC to handle the looped video.  The benefit to that is you only need to setup your playlist play it all in a loop - no need to stitch the videos together.
  • Looping is in the next version of OpenLP.
  • I've got a playlist in VLC, I think I can do it so that it plays on the extended desktop, so it should be seamless, when I click "show desktop".
    Thanks for your help, all, andI'll look forward to looping being there!
  • Looping in next version as in version 3 or in next update v.2.x?  Version 3 may take a while~
  • 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 are not "updates", they are feature releases. 2.4.6 is an update. We loosely follow Semantic Versioning:

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