I downloaded both version but the app still shows all of its text in english and another language.


I'm new here so i'm not sure if I am doing something wrong but when I downloaded both versions you guys have it prompts in different languages other than 100% English. I have attached the file showing both languages, I selected for it to be in English when I installed it, I uninstalled and re-installed both versions twice already, hopefully someone can help!

Thank you in advance for your help!


  • This is due to some of our translators incorrectly using "English" instead of their actual translation name. Most of them were fixed in 2.4.6 (and you should be using 2.4.6, not 2.2.1), so try looking at Settings -> Language. The best option is usually Autodetect, but if your operating system is using a different language, then you might need to select English specifically. If you see more than one "English" entry, try a few till you find the right one.
  • Perfect that worked! Just found the language in the app and it changed, thank you!
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