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Is it possible to modify the presentation screen layout?

Hey, I just downloaded the software.

I had been using opensong for nearly 10 years, but i liked the remote capabilities of openlp.

There are some things that i'm trying to figure out so that the layout doesn't deviate too much from what we are accustomed to.

Typically we have the song title at the top of the screen and down at the footer we have, in addition to the author/copyright info, we have a line that shows what the next song will be for those who want to keep using the hymnals. We do have an order of worship printed out in the bulletin, but we've noticed it helps if people can see it on the screen as well.

Is there some way that we can have the title up on top and add a footer that will show what the next song will be?



  • Short answer: not really possible

    Long answer: possible, with extra work

    Currently, the only way to do that in OpenLP would be to define a custom formatting element that applies the correct CSS attributes to move a text block to the bottom of the screen. You'd have to manually insert that into every song you use, and you'd have to manually update each one to correctly name the next song. It would be easy to make mistakes with it and end up with undesirable results, but you could technically do it.
  • thanks.
    might be just me, but it seems like openLP isn't near as user friendly as opensong. it's a whole lot more complicated from what i've seen. i was able to  pick up onensong with very little work to make everything look just right. unfortunately i don't have the time to go and get the education needed to figure this out.

    it's a shame, though. i like the idea of being able to control it through another device and wirelessly use other devices as monitors.

    oh well.
  • OpenLP has WAY more features than OpenSong. With more features comes more complexity. I'm sorry that you feel that OpenLP is not as "user-friendly" as OpenSong, but I know plenty of people who would disagree with you.

    Different products work differently. A person is not going to be able to transfer their knowledge 1:1 from one app to another. One has to be willing to put in a little effort in to learning the new system.
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