• I can see what I'm typing now...

    At the weekend OpenLP needed to be told to use the secondary monitor.  Is there a panel that we could use to be able to choose display area, and potentially force screen resolution, on the UI?

    During the week the computer is taken away and set up on a desk, without a second screen.  There seems to be some interaction (which I haven't investigated, and won't be able to for a couple of weeks) that caused OpenLP to get confused over which display to use.


    NB - The reason I ask about screen resolution is that we have an analogue VGA splitter, and the booth confidence monitor is widescreen, but the projector isn't - so if things get turned on in the wrong order it all goes a bit wrong.  A link to the relevant control panel, and a text area so I can remind our volunteers what resolution the screen should be forced to would work :)

  • OpenLP cannot set the monitor's screen resolution. Have you looked at the Dual Monitors section of the manual?

    Also, I recommend only starting OpenLP after you have your monitors set up.
  • Fair enough wrt the actual screen resolution, hence my suggestion of a link... but there is an area in the config section to choose the display output/area.

    As I said I haven't investigated the various things which might affect the default output - but it would be useful for the team who set up the service plan during the week if they could have it default to a 1024*768 block of the screen (in single monitor mode) and have it easy to drop that back to fullscreen monitor 2 on a Sunday.

    I might just be missing something obvious in the config, but would rather not have people having to go into the settings...

    Similarly (i.e. avoiding people having to hit the main config pages) it might be good to have a panel available with remote access config/status?

    To be fair - I suspect I ought to go and look at the code and see what's involved in creating a panel...
    Is there any documentation about panel creation I should start at?

  • The development section on the wiki has a few articles on how we do development:

    We use PyQt5 for the GUI:

    Also, join our mailing list and/or IRC channel and we can help you out.
  • Configure it like this, the resolution you want with display if a single screen unticked, Then when you want to use the projector, click the top box 'Select monitor for output display' and choose your second monitor, afterwards, change it back
  • That would be ok if the settings were visible - but avoiding people having to dig into the settings menu is the target here...

    I had a quick look at the setting screen display code, which looks like it should be repeatable...  I'll have a look at the main UI code when I'm not flying or on holiday...
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