Feature request: Edit lyrics / verse order for current service only

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Sometimes have different preachers who want things differently than we have them saved


  • We have encountered this issue at our church, and our current work around is to just define a few more choruses/verses/whatever.  They don't have to be contiguous, so you can have your normal verses 1, 2, 3, and you can add verses 11, 12, and 13 (for example) to visually separate them.  Then it's just a matter of changing your Slide Order for that song.

    I think @blakenz has made a good suggestion here, but I'm a little concerned about the implementation.  I can foresee two major problems with this.  One, where you want the changes to be permanent and they're inadvertently marked as "this service only", and one where you want the changes to be "this service only" but that option was unselected before pressing OK.  If we can figure out how to avoid that, then I'd be all for it.

    There's actually a similar problem that exists right now with Custom Slides.  You can load a custom slide into your current service, edit it, and save it.  Sometimes the changes will be reflected in the Custom Slide library (the way our system is setup to do), and other times the changes will be confined to the service file and NOT reflected in the Library - and we even lose the ability to edit the custom slide in the service file.  I've no idea how that happens, but it's happened several times this year.
  • Can I add my support for this option. Although I would only really need the verse order option. It was a feature of OpenSong which we have not long ago move over from and it was very useful.

    We have various styles of service some more traditional than others and so requiring different versions of songs for different services. In these cases we actually hold more than one copy of the song and just file it in an appropriate song book so it is possible to check which song it is we are using. We mid add - Trad to the end of the song title if it is the traditional wording.


  • +1 from me.  This would have been helpful for today's service.  A certain song has 5 verses in our hymnal, and the last time we sang it, we only sang 3 verses.  The verse order was changed permanently, and we didn't catch it before the service, so had a moment of the song leader on v 2, and the rest of us on v 4.  Being able to edit the verse order for a single service would be a great way to avoid this situation.
  • @JP_Bennett - As a workaround we clone the song the first time a worship leader wants a non standard verse progression. We then add the verse order info for that clone to its song title.
    1. Original (V1-5) = "Songname"
    2. Clone (V1-3) = "Songname (V1-3)"
    This way it is clear that the verse progression is non standard for 2. if you see it in the service manager song list. We do not delete the not used verses from the clone, so that any version of the song can be used to create a new clone.
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