Where is the song number input field for a new song?

Hi all,

So I've just updated OpenLP from 2.2.1 (I think it was) to 2.4.6. In the old version when adding a new song manually, I could add the songs number as well as the book it came from. However, in the new version this input field seems to be missing, although I can still add in the book.

This is a real issue for me, as the pastor refers to songs by this number, rather than just song title. Without the ability to check and add in this number I cannot know for certain that I am selecting the correct version of a song for our service.

Is this a known issue, or has it been removed deliberately? Any help appreciated! If this has been removed, then I will need to revert back to an older version - can someone share the URL where I can download an older windows version from?

Finally, a word of thanks - we have been using OpenLP for several years now, and I would like to pass on my thanks and prayers for all the people who contribute to this amazing project.

God Bless!


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