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Blank to Theme icon not available on 2.4

I just upgraded from 2.0 to 2.4. I had some issues with presentations but have worked thru them. My problem now is I do not have a icon for the "Blank to Theme" in the live panel. "Blank Theme" and "Show Desktop" are both there. How can I get this icon back.


  • I'm not sure what you mean. The Blank to Theme feature is still there. Have you tried clicking the buttons to see what they do?
  • I understand that the feature might still be there. I have used OpenLP for a few years now so I am aware of what each button does. When I open the program all I have are the left and right green arrows, blank screen icon, and show desktop icon. There is no theme icon which there should be. 

    Hiw is can I get that back?
  • Load an item that uses a theme into the slide controller. Items that use themes are songs, Bible verses and custom slides.
  • I have already done that. The themes for those type work. I am taking about the theme you can switch to when profexting the service. Normally we will change the projector to a theme while we switch between presentations. 
  • Selecting a song and placing it live did bring up the blank to theme button. The problem is when I run a presentation there is no option for this. In the last version of OpenLP we were able to toggle to a theme and then switch presentations. If this is not possible in version 2.4.6 then can I find an earlier version.
  • Presentations don't really use themes, and they're not presented through OpenLP anyway (3rd party integration is used, such as PowerPoint, Impress, etc).  I believe in the past it was a bug that allowed the Theme toggle to appear while a presentation was being displayed.  I recall that trying to toggle the theme view during a presentation resulted in an immediate crash of OpenLP, although I don't recall if I was using Windows 7 or Ubuntu or Windows 10.

    If you need to show theme-only to switch presentations, put a blank slide at the start/end of your presentations.  Alternatively, you can create a Custom Slide with no text and apply a desired theme to it, then place it in the service manager between the two presentations.  If your "theme-only" view is black, use the "Blank to Black" (period) toggle.
  • Thanks, miLon, for the response. I have already created a workaround for the theme.

    We have been using OpenLP for 2 or 3 years now and utilizing the blank to theme button to toggle between presentations, movies, and songs with no crashes. If that was a bug it was one that did not need to be fixed. Maybe this is something that the designers can look at reinstating in the future.

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