[Feature Request for 3.0] Video and/or music file playlists

Hi there!

Churches that rely heavily on multimedia already make use of OpenLP, which is great. However, a feature which could definitely benifit many people and churches, including me, would be the ability to play playlists of video's and/or music files.

For instance, we play the "live worship" videos of the songs we will be singing in a service beforehand. It helps the congregation get used to the songs faster. For this, we need to be able to put together a playlist that can be looped (like images can currently be looped).

We also like to make and play our announcements as video's. Being able to set up a playlist that we can just press play, or even loop if need be, would be greatly beneficial.

Is this possible for 3.0?

Thanks for reading.


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    Hi @etienne-snyman there are several requests for adding groups for media and presentations, seemingly championed by @raoul so I suspect this will be implemented at some point.

    With a lot of heavy work to be done behind the scenes, and a tentative release date for 3.0 being floated for the first quarter of 2018 (also by @raoul), I don't think that it will likely make it it to OpenLP 3.0.
  • This would be a brilliant feature.  We've taken to running videos rather than just music pre and post service and having to keep manually playing the next video means someone has to be on the ball, if we could just set a playlist off it would be brilliant!!
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