Windows 10 Query

Have following problems running OPEN LP portable and installed version in most current version of Windows 10

Installed version exits with windows reporting and error report being sent to Microsoft.
Portable version exists correctly but randomly locks between program and live screen 
Esc press works sometimes but not always
CTRL ALT DELETE fails to run task manger to kill when Esc fails and only hard reboot unlocks screen on laptop screen

ASUS LAPTOP 8Gb 1.10 Celeron
Tried both programs installed directly on internal drive and external USB 3 drive same faults on both

Help or advice anyone ?


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    Sorry no one has gotten back to you yet.  I believe this is a known issue (a forum search would confirm that but I don't have time right now), and I believe it will be corrected in a future release.  You can try 2 things in the mean time.  1) Try running OpenLP with administrator privileges (right-click the shortcut and select it).  2) If it still persists, you can disable Windows from automatically generating a crash report (google it - sorry I don't have time), but just be aware that will affect all applications that crash.
  • I am having the same issue with Windows 10  My screen freezes and I cannot get out without shutting the computer down.  The program worked fine for one service and then crashed. 
  • I'm guessing you're using it with only 1 monitor? OpenLP is not really designed for that, so what's happening is that the display window is covering the main interface. You can try pressing Escape, or press tab a few times and then escape.
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