Exporting EasyWorship 2009 database into Windows 10 using EW's temporary Windows 10 patch.

Hi, this is Ken. I have to figure out a way to import the EasyWorship 2009 song database into a new Windows 10 computer. EasyWorship tech support can't guarantee that the temporary patch created to convert the EW2009 song database to Windows 10 will work. Plus, I'm concerned about the real possibility of corrupt files in our version of EW2009.

Does anyone have any suggestions/procedures on how to get the EW2009 song database into our new computer?

My idea is this: Our song database is also in "OnSong" and I've noticed OnSong can export .txt files. So, do you think this solution would work? Export the .txt files from OnSong to LibreOffice and then import the .txt files from Libreoffice into OpenLP.

* I'm not sure if a particular version of OpenLP should be preferred in this scenario and I don't know if .txt files would keep the Chours,Verse (etc) formatting. 

Any suggestions/solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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