Request: Allow footer information via template

First off, thanks for all the effort which has gone into this project. I'm a fairly new user and have enjoyed working with it so far. I would like to make a suggestion which might bring together a bunch of other requests that I've seen voided on the forum.

There have been many requests dealing with the contents of the footer area - remove CCLI, use another licensing authority, change the font size/style/color, remove "Written by", etc.

I'd like to suggest the possibility to have the footer derived from a customizable HTML/CSS template or via XML or JSON with placeholders for the insertion of information. Thus, instead of a "CCLI License" entry box, it might just be "License Number". If one needs a customized "Used by permission of... License #####", it would be much easier to implement (my particular situation). This would also allow people who want to have different fonts, etc. to play (and mess themselves up!) to their hearts' content. It would still take some internal logic to realize that a particular DB field is NULL and avoid writing the text (Written By) in that case, but that should be relatively straight-forward.

1. We do not use CCLI as a licensing agent so don't need/want CCLI display
2. We should display a line "Printed with permission via license #####". Since I know SQL, I can use DB Browser of SQLite or similar to append this to all of the non-blank copyright  strings in the songs.sqlite DB, but realize this is not desirable for everyone.
3. Many requests as in this thread to modify fonts, leave out <whatever>, etc.

Thanks for all your efforts!


  • I think that's a great idea.  At my church, most (but not all) of our songs fall under CCLI licensing.  I've always thought it odd to display a CCLI for a non-CCLI.  Unfortunately, I have no ability myself to improve the coding aspects of OpenLP, but maybe someone else will.
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