Need help setting size of image for template

I am trying to create a template using our church's simplified logo as the background using a white gradient to hide most of it behind the song texts.  When I imported it, it only takes up part of the slide.  I don't know what to resize the pictures to so that it will fit properly.  I need help with that.

The second thing I wanted to try to do is:  How can I add a second photo as the footer?  Is there a certain size for it as well?


  • The image for the template ought to match the pixel dimensions of the screen you are projecting onto. You create this image in your favourite image editing software, placing the logo in the position you want at the size you want.
    The template currently allows only one image behind the whole screen.
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    I made an image using GIMP (free software) at around 1400x1400 and it resizes to fit a smaller screen but doesn't enlarge to fit a larger screen.  I had to take an image we have and scale it up to the 1400x1400 in GIMP and then edit it and import it in the theme I wanted to use.  It auto-fit everything for the template and looks good right now on the laptop but haven't seen it on the projector yet.
  • Be cautious of up-scaling raster (pixel) images as you can get lots of pixelation artifacts.  You've probably noticed this by now.  If your logo isn't too complex, you can use Inkscape (also free software similar to photoshop) to import the image, trace it to a colored object, and output a SVG image.  It's more complicated than this basic summary and you'll often have lots of manual editing to do, but it's worth the effort if having a scale-able image is important to you.
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