Option for small olz file and local media file with large media

Version of OpenLP
Operating system
Windows 10
We prepare our service files off site and save them in Dropbox. Whenever we have a video to show, the service file grows to included the video, making them unwieldy in Dropbox. We never know if the Dropbox sync will be fast enough over a relatively slow connection. So I normally bring the video on a USB key and load it in just before the service. Herein lies a training problem as we have a number of folks running services who are not comfortable with setting up services. (Once a service file is loaded, they run a service from a numeric keypad that has only the necessary keys)

So I've tried the trick of a custom slide and custom formatting tags {video}filename.m4v{/video} to show the video. It works at home, so will probably work at church.

It might be useful to allow for loading local media as a file reference rather than storing the whole thing in the service file.

My custom formatting tags: {video} is <video width="100%" controls="" autoplay="autoplay"><source src="file:///Users/jamie/Movies/
{/video} is " type="video/mp4" /></video>

It is so great to have the possibility of such 'hacks'


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