Splash screen logo

I know this is trivial but I am trying to change the splash screen logo. I can disable the splash screen logo but if I Iocate my own png file on C drive it dont show up. The default logo shows up. I can't seem to get the logo to change. It shows my path to my logo. Where is :/graphics/openlp-splash-screen.png? I searched my desktop for this file and to no avail. I would move mine there. Any advice?


  • Do you mean the default logo on the display screen? The splash screen is the OpenLP logo that shows up while OpenLP is loading. The default logo is the one that displays on your projector after OpenLP has started but before you've sent anything to live.

    Also, that file is an internal file (embedded in OpenLP) you won't find it in your filesystem because it's not there.
  • Thanks Raoul ! Maybe I was confused! I will look closer this morning during the service. I was thinking it was the logo on splash screen when it starts that you could change.
    Merry Christmas to you and the OpenLP team, I really appreciate all you do!!
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