Database advice - Anyone familiar with Mediashout structures?

A few years ago Raoul and some of the other developers helped me to convert a new version of the Salvation Army's hymnbook into an OLP compatible format.  I have tried to share forward the goodwill by freely sharing my SA songs datafile with any other Salvation Army centre which contacted me (no copyright issues that way!) - so thanks to you guys, I've already helped 10-12 other Sally Army centres also make the jump to OLP.

But I recently got a request from a centre in England who have just bought a Mediashout licence and are not keen on walking away from this investment so soon. I know OLP was able (in at least in some earlier versions) to import songs from Mediashout.  Anyone have the least idea about how to reverse that and use the OpenLyrics exported datafiles as an import source for MediaShout?

I realise this is an OLP forum so this is a bit of a cheeky request - and I will also post a similar request in Mediashout's forums - but to be honest I've always got far more support from here than anywhere else (one of the reasons I've become a very vocal advocate for OLP) so I thought I'd at least ask the question. 

Thanks - and best wishes for 2018 to all involved with the development team here!



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