Displaying Imanges over Multiple Computers.

I would like to display images in OpenLP over multiple computers. At our church we use three machines, one in the main church for the Sunday service, one for the minister to compile the service in his office and one for the tech guy (me) to provide support and tweeks to the service from home.
Generally all works well, with updates to the hymn database and the custom slides displaying seemlessly across all three computers. However, the image plugin does not do this. If I add an image on one computer, it does not display on either of the others, just the title and a red cross.
All the data is kept on Google Drive, and each computer has the same Windows user name, as a local user, so the data path on each machine is the same, i.e. C:\Users\Tech\Google Drive\OpenLPimages\ am I missing something important that will cure the problem?
Andy Thompson - Hearsall Baptist Church, Coventry. UK.


  • Each copy of OpenLP keeps track of the presentations, images, etc separately, so they won't just magically show up in the other copies.

    Also please note that we don't support putting your data folder in Google Drive or Dropbox. If you run into any issues we will tell you to move your data folder.
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