Feature request: Live Streaming facility

Sometimes, during a service, we stream live video from a camera, or from the f-droid Spydroid App to the screen, using VLC on the laptop to receive the RTSP stream. This requires control of the screen to be taken from OpenLp, handed over to VLC, and then handed back at the end.

An OpenLp module which handled this process in a similar way to Media plugin would make this process smoother and easier for our volunteer projectors, not all of whom are technical


  • If OpenLP supported playback of video through RTSP (or/and other streaming protocols) would that solve your issue?
  • that and clearly defined song books would bring me probably back to OpenLP (idea... implement NewTeck NDI for video -free).
  • What do you mean by, "clearly defined song books"? What are the problems with the way song books are currently implemented?

    We can only fix what we know about ;)
  • good point <span>:smile:</span> .
    I have added a picture below.
    Basically, in my case I can have 2 versions of the same song and I need to figure out easily the one I need.
    Seaching and displaying the song in the source song book context helps.

    Going back to video background for text and NDI for a bit. Please take a look at NDI for this. They are providing an SDK to make it as smooth as possible. 
  • So if I understand correctly, you would like for a way to browse songs based on song books. This is partly possible by selecting "songbooks" in the song search field, as shown here: http://manual.openlp.org/mediamanager.html#search
    This is not exactly what you asked for, but its a start.
    Regarding NDI, it does seem interesting, but in my opinion it is currently not a priority for OpenLP. We simply don't have the man-power to investigate and implement, after all we are an open source project. BUT that also means we are very much open for contributions :)

  • Going back to the live streaming - yes support for RTSP would solve it. The reason I was thinking of it as being in a different plugin was mostly due to the media plugin requiring a storage area and a process to add the video which was to be played before the service, whereas the parameters for the live streaming tend to be in the form of an IP address and port, which in our case can be set up shortly before the service, but might change from service to service as the video device is probably obtaining its IP address via DHCP.

    The plugin would then have its own settings section where this could be set just before the service and the entry in the service view would just have a start and stop live streaming. This might be a stop and start display of live streaming, so the OpenLP operator could see the view from the streaming device, but not project it (i.e. projected output is blank) until ready to go.
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