A few unrelated thoughts

A few things I have noticed/things I would love to be implemented:

1. When using the remote control to advance through a service (page down), a video clip renders the advance ineffective. I use remote control during small services, funerals and special events when, as pastor, I am flying solo. This requires me to return to the computer at the back of the room to advance to the next item.

2. Adding a media item to the playlist while another video is playing causes the video to restart from the beginning.

3. I found a way to make soft text shadows! Yay! My {box} formatting tab has <span style="text-shadow: 5px 5px 20px #000000"> and it works perfectly. Would be lovely if the theme manager could do this as an added feature to the shadow options.

4. I'm getting carried away now... I use custom formatting tags extensively. For some things, like line-height formatting, it would be wonderful to use DIV rather than SPAN, but a DIV tag (of course) adds an extra line break at the beginning of it's use. It's messy to break the formatting (which is an option) because it ruins my super-pretty and customised printout. 

5. Sometimes I *gasp* have to put services together for computers that are not mine and *gasp* don't have OpenLP (and I'm not allowed to install it). Wouldn't it be positively dreamy if there was a way to export an entire service as a pdf that I could run fullscreen on a foreign computer? That would mean I should never need to return to Powerpoint again.

6. Background images.... "background-size:cover" please. I always want my backgrounds to fill the whole screen, not be stretched or show a letterbox.

Anyway, please don't groan... .just thought I would have a brain dump. Love your work and OpenLP makes me very, very happy.


  • Hi Chris,

    1. We can take a look
    2. This is fixed in 3.0 (when it comes out, and no, we don't know when that'll be)
    3. We've moving to an updated renderer (still based on HTML) in 3.0, we can see about adding more options to the shadow
    4. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, or what your use-case is. You sure are going all-out with the formatting tags.
    5. That's a fair amount of work, we'll add it to our list of feature requests
    6. This is coming in 3.0
  • When using remote, are you using it through the app or through web browser?
    With web browser you can return to the Service Manager and choose the next item in the service instead of going back to the main computer.
  • 5. Do you know about the OpenLP Portable version? Pop it on a USB stick, it will run on their PC without installing, all of the data files are self contained on the USB stick.

    I agree though, a PDF / image export feature could be handy (And might not be too hard either, image versions of the slide a rendered for the preview thumbnail and the web page)
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