PowerPoint Slides that autoloop/scroll issues quirks

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I am running the latest greatest code!  Yes I do mean that!  1.0 rc6  I am seeing some fun stuff when I am using a set of slides that are put together for us for announcements that just run and roll before and after service.  Sometimes I have to click 'Go Live' twice before they will show or sometimes they will show but not start to auto scroll through them.  If there is something that I might be doing wrong (and there probably am) please let me know.  I do use the right click more than the builtin buttons because I am a mouse kinda guy.

Thanks for the wonderful software! 


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    Confirmed. I believe this to be a quirk in the PowerPoint API that I've hit before in a different application: When you resume a show with timings, it doesn't always auto-advance without first telling it to '.GoToSlide 1'
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    On further thought, this might be a 'useful' quirk or design.

    For a very large powerpoint (say 50 slides) it takes a good few seconds for openlp.org to load all the slides. If I want the timed slides to say co-incide with a music track, this delay would be a tad annoying, so the ability to start it myself once it's loaded is handy.

    Once you've 'gone live' on a timed powerpoint, click the first slide in
    the live panel to start it going. This seemed to work reliably for me, rather than attempting to go live twice.


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