Feature request: Liturgy and local databases

Our custom slides are of three types
  1. those needed for  a particular service, but which may never be used again. (custom)
  2. those specific to our church, and used in most services  (local)
  3. those which come from a central authority, and which will be used in most churches of the same denomination. (liturgy)

I project at a British Methodist church, which uses the Methodist Worship Book, but we have people worshipping with us from a United Methodist background, my parents worshipped at an Anglican church, and I attended a Church of Scotland church when I was younger.

Being able to split off the parts of the database which should be the same, and to easily distinguish them from the other sections would be useful, particularly when setting up OpenLP for a new projection volunteer, as at the moment people get a copy of everything which has been projected.

The custom module would not need much change (I think), mostly a selection of which database is being used, and probably an ability to copy a 'template' piece of liturgy from the main liturgy to the current or custom section. This would be mostly for baptisms and similar where the names of people need to be entered and he/she used as appropriate.


  • I am struggling to understand why you need this or how it would work. Why does your custom slide need to be different depending on the origin of the content? We just have custom slides named for their application. The ones for baptism are named baptism, and for Christmas or Easter the same.
    And why does each volunteer need their own settings? Perhaps you would be kind enough to try and explain a bit more for those who are like me a bit slow.
  • We have 4 or 5 volunteers on the projection rota, some using their own laptop, and some the church laptop. We sometimes have students who might join the rota for a while and move on. Some of our congregation are Deaf, and some are elderly and benefit from having as much of the service projected as possible.

    Our church is part of a group of churches - a circuit in Methodist terms, so we share quite a lot of the material, but our church has a shared slot of common worship with the Junior Church, and then a blessing when they leave for their own activities, and others have different arrangements.

    Preachers will often produce a shared blessing for the end of the service for everybody to say together, or responsive Call to Worship, thus my laptop has items in its custom slides
    • 20180218 CallToWorhip
    • 20180218 Anthem
    • 20180218 Prayers1
    • 20180218 Prayers 2
    • 20180218 Blessing
    These will probably never be used again, and I should probably tidy them up, but I am probably more IT aware than some of our volunteers, and there are many items in out custom slides which I have inherited which I have not had the time to go through and sort, and even if I did, they would still be in everyone elses copy, depending on when they were put in.

    Most of this material has been hand copied from the service book, so where we encounter a transcribing error it usually will only be fixed in one copy.

    Baptisms tend to include the name of the child, or children being baptised, and the names of parents and godparents, but otherwise the format is always the same (Apart from us having different services for Infants and Adults etc)

    Problems with projection are quite visible, so anything which make is problematic make it less likely that people will volunteer,  but conversely as OpenLP improves it is more likely that we will benefit from someone saying 'I use OpenLP in my home church, and am studying here for a year, I will join the rota' - which is what we need.

  • We have created a Default Service which contains many items which don't changes, order of service essentially.  We have several custom slides which are modified as items changes, birthdays, etc. You could keep templates externally and the volunteer could use that to create temporary custom slides as needed. 
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