Copying Custom Slides

We're just starting to trial OpenLP in our church (Go Live! is Sunday...), and are busy setting up Service Templates (for each "type" of service that we regularly have) that will be altered each Sunday with the relevant details, liturgy, notices, etc.
So, what we thought we would do is set up some Custom Slides, that we could then change from service to service.  For example, the name of the Speaker.
What we thought we'd do is then drag that custom slide into a service, edit it, save service, job done.
Unfortunately, that changes the custom slide across the database, so all service templates then get what we've changed it to.  Which means if someone needed to set up two services, they couldn't use the one template slide with the Speaker's name on, if it was different between services.

The obvious way around it would be to copy the slide rather than edit it, and edit the copy - but there appears to be no easy way of doing that - you have to edit all the text, copy that, paste into a new slide.  Am I missing something?  Is this a feature that could be easily implemented?

Another great feature would be that if you edited something in the Service Manager, you had the option of whether it only affected that service, or got applied to the database as a whole - so for the situation described above, you'd drag the template across to the service, edit it from there and then the changes would not affect the custom slides.  I guess that is probably a lot more complicated!

Liking OpenLP though - one for it's freeness, and two for the ability to edit and run it anywhere!  We're trialling it storing the database in the cloud, so all our worship leaders are working off the same song database, etc..  Not without its risks, so ask me in a few months how that has worked out for us!!  


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