getting out of display on wrong screen

We display to multiple screens via a VGA splitter, and this generally works well.   However, occasionally due to either operator error in setting up the displays or accidental disconnection of a cable during the service, the display comes onto the laptop monitor obscuring the control screen.   Sometimes pressing "Esc" will bring back the control screen enabling us to recover the situation ; but frequently we are stuck with the display on the laptop monitor with no alternative but to shut down and restart the computer.   Ctrl-Alt-Del starts the Task Manager but that too is hidden behind the display, likewise Alt-Tab won't give access to anything else.   I can bring up the taskbar and click on Close window for OpenLp but that doesn't do anything.   same symptoms in both Windows 8 and 10.

Is there any easier way of recovering from this situation other than a complete restart ?   Any keyboard shortcut for example that will close OpenLP ?


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