Slide Size when changing PC

I can't find a setting for this, so I guess it doesn't exist and therefore is a development issue, but please tell me if it's just a SKI problem... We're using OpenLP on multiple computers (running a common database on OneDrive - so far so good...). We've set up a theme that has an image in the corner, and the text box beneath it, on our projection machine that outputs to a couple of TVs; so the slide when we set it up was 1600x900 - perfect for TV projection. But when I opened it on my home PC and previewed the same slides, the text was misaligned - it seems that the slide size has defaulted to my PC screen size, not the size it was set up. That seems entirely sensible on the one hand, but on the other someone might set up (or "correct") a template on a home PC, go live with it and it will look awful because the alignment is all over the place. Is there an option that I've missed where I can set the slide size, and it will keep it regardless what I open it on (or even better, warn me and give me a choice!)? If not, it would be great to go on a list for future development... Went "live" with OpenLP in church on Sunday, and all went smoothly - one issue with some custom slides, but I think I understand how that went wrong (obviously still a few of us on a learning curve on the features and limitations!). So far, very happy, so thank you all for all your work.


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