Remote has stopped syncing

I have used OpenLP for about 8 months, syning an iPad and Android phone with the laptop that ties into the large screen for projection of hymn/song lyrics.  Once I initially set up the iPad and Android phone with the laptop, everything has operated flawlessly.

About 2 weeks ago, prior to the Sunday worship service, I was preparing the devices to project.  I noticed that the Android phone would not sync with the laptop.  I confirmed that the IP address, port number, username and password were all correct.  Still would not sync.  I got my iPad, figuring something happened with my phone but the iPad would work.  No go, the iPad having all the right settings, would not work.

After trying some on-line troubleshooting, I am finally coming to the OpenLP forum for help.  Any ideas?  

I have also uninstalled the OpenLP app from my Android phone and re-installed it, hoping that would help.  Nothing changed, still not working.

Thank you all for any suggestions!
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