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I am hoping to determine if OpenLP is a truly viable alternative to ProPresenter or Mediashout. 

We have ProPresenter on a Windows 10 box, its a resource hog and has performance issues, but the the Users like its UI. Propresenter is an IOS port to Windows, and not a very good one from what I can tell. I am building out a New Win10 box around a Radeon HD7750 Eye 6 Multiport display card with I-5 Processor and 12gig ram with a terabyte Drive. 

MediaShout, is better at performance, but the users like it less. (This could simply be a training issue)

 I am hoping for some feed back regarding OpenLP, regarding its level of deployment in the church market and whether there are users here who have converted from ProPesenter to OpenLp. (and why). 

I am demoing OpenLP on my Linux Mint box and had it in Multi- display mode very easily. The transitions are very snappy.  Could it Handle 6 displays?

Thanks Much


  • Hi FM,

    We cannot give you any indication of OpenLP's "level of deployment in the church market". OpenLP is open source, available on a wide range of platforms, and so we don't (and can't) track how many installations happen.

    OpenLP on Linux is usually installed from the Linux distribution's repositories, so we have no insight there, and although we host the downloads for macOS and Windows, nothing is stopping someone from installing it multiple times on multiple computers from a single download.

    It's a really bad indicator, but we do have over 3400 likes on our Facebook page.

    OpenLP only supports a single display screen. If you wanted to do more than 1 display screen you'd need to mirror the display screen somehow (there are both software and hardware solutions out there to do that).
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