Remote control Android: Diapositives and videos on LiveView and LiveList

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Hi. I'm very excited to join to this comunity. In this oportunity I want to share some bugs in the remote software for Android.

First: When you send a diapositive to a liveView, and start to control it from remote control for Android, this show the diapositives in a very unuseful way. I attach the image number 1 to show this. In detail, you can see that no order number is shown in the list of diapositives in the "live list" section of remote control app. By the way, you have to guess that those items are the diapositives. In the other hand, when you use the arrows in the bottom of the screen to pass bak and forward the diapositive, that action is performed, but is not reflected in the item list (The previous diapositive item remains in bold).

Second: In portrait view, the remote control App, doesn't render correctly the screen content when you go to liveView.  It only show half of the screen content, like if it doesn't fit on the phone screen width. It is possible to resize the showed output to show all the content in the screen?

Third: When you proyect a video, the liveView in the remote control app doesn't show.

I hope this help to improve the amazing and extremely useful app that we all enjoy to have!

P.S.: I don't know if there is a specific way to send feedback to developers of this app. If you know about it, please, let me know!
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