pptx incomplete, please reload

I have just tried to load into the service our usual notices powerpoints and along with the rest of the file path the above message appears in a Missing Presentation window.

I am currently exploring whether and how I change to OLP from Songpro, so I am setting up a Service in OLP in parallel to Songpro, and looking to test this out before or after a service.

Everything seemed to work - without projector hookup etc with last weeks service plan, but for some reason not this one.

I have just noticed that the file this week is pptx and not ppt as previously but this seems to work in my old version 4 of SongPro.

Have I missed a step. I couldn't seem to find this in the manual or online or in this forum.

Any assistance would be welcome


  • Do you have MS Powerpoint (which version) or OpenOffice (which version) loaded on your PC? If so, can you open the .pptx file outside of OpenLP?
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    This is affecting me, too. Using Linux Mint 19 with openlp 2.4.6 and Libre Office 6.2 I can add odp and ppt presentations but as soon as I try to add them from presentations to the service I get the error:
    The presentation xxxx.odp is incomplete, please reload (xxxx=full pathname)
    All the presentations which I have tried open perfectly outside openlp
    P.S. This is a bit of a show stopper for me as I now have to revert to LibreOffice Impress this Sunday.
  • Microsoft has this odd habit of changing one tiny feature, so that a newer versions file, does not work with an older version of the software, just to force upgrades.  This could be as simple as changing a file version flag.  Of course until the folks at LibreOffice get ahold of a few of these files and pull them apart, to see what the difference is, they can't support it either.  

    Unless you really need some feature from PowerPoint the ideal would be to export the PowerPoint slides as JPG files, and then load them into OpenLP as a group of images, and add that group to the service.  If it's just text in front of a background, have them email the text, with indicators where they want the splits, and then do a custom slide deck in a lot less time, then to fight with PowerPoint.  Often the only reason to use PowerPoint is it's fancy slide transitions, which are kinda lame anyway.  
  • Hi. I have this problem now when I didn't a few weeks back when testing out OpenLP.

    I may have missed stuff in the conversation and indeed Microsoft might well have messed stuff up in the interval.

    Bad Timing as I'd just decided to go for use of OLP at church.

    We are using Windows 7 (for now) with the Office 2013 standalone suite.

    Is anyone else experiencing some new twist and have up to date solutions?


  • @sc.olpcha What have your tried?  I run Windows 10 with office 2013 standalone suite....that constantly gets updated.  I have not had this issue yet.

    The first thing I would try in your position would be to save the PowerPoint file as an older format.  Yes some minor changes from the old version to the new version may be something you might want to use....but on the other hand you may be just fine with the old format.

    If this fails to work you can save the file as a PDF file and upload that into Openlp....
    save the PPT as images and upload the images.....This is not as simple as it should be....when they are loaded they end up in alphabetical order.....Not easy as PPT tends to use titles of the slides for the picture filenames!
    save the backgrounds of the PPT slides as images then load the images and create themes...then you put the words into a custom slide or a song....remember songs do NOT have to just be words you sing!  Songs can be any groups of slides, but they would all have the same background.

    I know I have not solved the issue you are seeing, but try the workarounds and see if any of them are usable.
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