pptx incomplete, please reload

I have just tried to load into the service our usual notices powerpoints and along with the rest of the file path the above message appears in a Missing Presentation window.

I am currently exploring whether and how I change to OLP from Songpro, so I am setting up a Service in OLP in parallel to Songpro, and looking to test this out before or after a service.

Everything seemed to work - without projector hookup etc with last weeks service plan, but for some reason not this one.

I have just noticed that the file this week is pptx and not ppt as previously but this seems to work in my old version 4 of SongPro.

Have I missed a step. I couldn't seem to find this in the manual or online or in this forum.

Any assistance would be welcome


  • Do you have MS Powerpoint (which version) or OpenOffice (which version) loaded on your PC? If so, can you open the .pptx file outside of OpenLP?
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    This is affecting me, too. Using Linux Mint 19 with openlp 2.4.6 and Libre Office 6.2 I can add odp and ppt presentations but as soon as I try to add them from presentations to the service I get the error:
    The presentation xxxx.odp is incomplete, please reload (xxxx=full pathname)
    All the presentations which I have tried open perfectly outside openlp
    P.S. This is a bit of a show stopper for me as I now have to revert to LibreOffice Impress this Sunday.
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