Bible book abbreviations in other languages

(I'm not sure of the version that I posted above - in the title and in the "About" it just says "2.4" for the version.)

I am loading a Bible from Zefania in a different language (Albanian).

(1) I see that I can manually edit (in "Bible Editor") the custom book names. I see no documentation for how to do that. I am assuming that there is some syntax to allow for various acceptable abbreviations, but I don't know how to do that. Additional documentation would be helpful. (If this alternate abbreviation feature is unavailable I request it)
(2) The Zefania XML format defines the book names and gives a short book name. Why don't you import that by default into "custom book names" so I don't have to go through and edit them all by hand?
(3) As an alternative to the "Alternative abbreviations" one possibility would be to accept any unique abbreviation (so if I type "Zef" it would know I mean "Zefania" but if I typed "Zek" it would know I was looking for "Zekaria")
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