Search Media Function

We have been using OpenLP on Zorin Linux for about 8 months now.  We formerly used two computers, one for audio and one for lyrics with Sunday Plus software.
Now we are using mp4 files created with Youtube movie maker to create videos with Audio and Lyrics, on an all-in-one computer.
This is great since we only need one computer and one person in the media control booth at church. We absolutely love the ease and usability of this software.

When setting up a service, we have to manually scroll up and down the media list to look for the files we need. 
A search function like the Songs section has would be useful.
In fact we don't even use the Songs and themes anymore since we started with the multimedia/lyrics mp4's.

(We only use the themes when displaying the Bible verses on the screen.)

Also since our media booth is in the rear of the church, and when the congregation is standing, I cannot see the screen or the video in the front of the sanctuary.  It would be nice to see a snapshot of the video on the live window instead of a blank window. Right now I have to adjust the volume while the mp4 is playing, while "flying blind" as far as seeing what the congregation is looking at.

You guys and gals are incredible with creating and maintaining OpenLP.  I have been recommending it everyone know.  Praise Jesus for your service to the Christian community around the world.

Keep up the good work.

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