Mac Open Office Impress Integration


The discussion on thread

concluded that there was no API provided by for PowerPoint or LibreOffice but does not mention OpenOffice Impress.

I see that Libra Office was forked from OpenOffice but that was a few years ago so I was wondering if anybody had developed the OpenLP supprt for Impress on the mac.



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    Hi Steve,

    The short, non-technical answer:

    It's theoretically possible to interface with LibreOffice on macOS, but it's complicated. I tried to figure out a solution about a year and a half ago, but it didn't work.

    The long, technical answer:

    On Windows, OpenLP uses a Windows-specific system called COM to interface with LibreOffice. This is not available on Linux or macOS. Instead on Linux we use LibreOffice's native API.

    This native API is available on macOS as well, but there's a catch. On Linux, any application which wants to use Python (like OpenLP and the LibreOffice API) has to use the system-wide Python installation.

    On macOS, however, because there's no guarantee that the right version of Python will be installed, LibreOffice bundles its own Python. OpenLP does the same. So this means that OpenLP can't just use the LibreOffice API on macOS like it does on Linux. LibreOffice has to use the LibreOffice version of Python, and OpenLP has to use the OpenLP version of Python.

    My solution to this, thanks to some suggestions, was to create a server that uses the LibreOffice Python to control LibreOffice through the API. Then OpenLP connects to this server and uses it to control LibreOffice. Unfortunately I could never quite get it to work. I'll take a stab at it again and maybe I can get it to work for the 3.0 release.
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