Playing normal DVD's through openlp

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Hi, we have Integrity Worship DVD's that we use in our homecells, but we would like to use them during services maybe during a collection or communion service. How can I play such a clip thruogh openlp?

I also experienced a problem during playback of an avi video clip, where the audio was playing but there was no video!


Please could you help?




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    We use VLC at our Church, it's open source and can be configured to control on the primary monitor and play videos on the second monitor. without having to do split second dragging of windows! (You can even configure it to play on two monitors at once, although needs good hardware and a bit of playing around in the options!)

    Alternatively you could try converting the DVD to video files.

    Regarding the AVI problem. Does the video appear on the preview or the main screen, or does it not appear at all? Can you try going into the Options -> Settings menu. On the Display Settings tab, click the "Use Video Mode Rendering" and see if that makes a difference. (Assuming the AVI plays in media player/other software OK)

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    Thanks for your reply! Do you think that you will include this feautre of playing dvd's through openlp in future? As well as audio files?

     Which software do you suggest for converting dvd to video file?

    I've seen mention made to version 1.2 coming out do you have an eta?

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    I've seen mention made to version 1.2 coming out do you have an eta?

    When it's ready.

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