Occasional OpenLP crash under Windows 7

I've been using OpenLP (latest version) at our church for about 6 months and been very pleased with it.  The only issues I've had were while setting up the service and thinking I rushed things a bit and windows will show an error message that OpenLP is not responding and no option but to close the program.   This wasn't much of an issue since it happened well before the service started UNTIL today.  During the service today, about half way through the service during the sermon, OpenLP is not responding & I get the same Windows 7 error message.  (Was attempting to advance slides when it happened.)  So I have to close OpenLP and reopen while the preacher is still preaching.  I'm looking for any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue and get it resolved.  Not sure if it is a Windows 7, laptop or OpenLP issue......  Please help!!
Thanks in advance


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