Presentation Through Custom Slides

Is there a way to set up a custom slide with different formatting throughout? Such as a centered title and bulleted and numbered points like how you would do in powerpoint? So far I can only do it all centered or all left indented, but not both in the same slide. Am I missing something?

The reason I need to do this is so that I can see the next slide of the presentation in the remote app. Currently I have to export my powerpoint to pdf and when I import it I just see the slide number; so it can be difficult to remember when to transition to the next slide during the sermon. I am also an iOS developer, so I might be able to help to see the next slide on an iPad if you are able to get me in touch with he current developer. Just a thought. But in the mean time, I'd like to focus on if I am able to do different formatting in a single slide.


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