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Hi there we have a Viewsonic newish projector.
I believe its address and port are as shown below.
Is there any way we can disable the inability to accept higher ports??

As a last thought; Im pretty sure if the settings LAN IP and port are correct, OpenLP can connect, regardless of the source of projector being VGA or LAN. IMHO it would not make sense to limit projector to selected source only. Point in case, if we use the browser access to projector, it does not care what input we are on, we can still control it. Anyway, Im not unduly concerned if we cant control via OpenLP.

What would be a brilliant would be ability to drag and drop a browser window into the manager, or Live, to allow display of urls or youtube without mucking around with
frames. Anyway, OpenLP beats Easyworship 2007 hands down so far IMHO.


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    Hello -

    As far as the networking goes:
    - ( or any address ending in *.255) is a broadcast address or network mask.
    - OpenLP only supports the PJLink network protocol. As noted, PJlink default port is 4352 - and ports larger than 32767 are not supported by normal networks
    - Check what documentation you are reading; OpenLP only supports the PJLink protocol - which is a generic basic projector/display protocol and only supports a limited subset of controls. If you are reading the Viewsonic-specific network instructions, then OpenLP will not work with your network controls.

    Other options (like webpage drag/drop) are a possibility - but it would be a future wishlist item. OpenLP is a completely volunteer-supported project. All of our devs have day jobs as well as a passion for working on church-related software and are working on a current update version.

    And thank you for your support - we are passionate about our work and strive to continue to improve OpenLP and the church worship experience.
  • Thanks. Weve installed and will financially appreciate once the system is being used in place of Easyworship.
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