Powerpoint issues

I see there is quite a lot about problems with Powerpoint on this forum. Thinking our issues arose because the laptop was quite old, we bought a new one, so we now have Windows 10 and Powerpoint 2016. Unfortunately we have similar problems to before.  Powerpoints don't load, in fact Open LP freezes. Re-start the program and then it might load, or not. This is with a few test PPs of 2 screens of text - so not a big file! Happens with ppt and pptx.

Seems to work better with Powerpoint Viewer, but not always.  Considering that Powerpoint must be used a great deal, I'm surprised that it has not been possible to resolve these issues. I realise the developers are volunteers, but Windows 10 and Powerpoint 2016 have been around for a while now, so I would have thought Powerpoint issues might have been resolved.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome. I love the program in other respects, but this is a major inconvenience.




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    Hi there this may not help, but what you've found we have also. I was using Openoffice and on my Linux machine slides worked well, but with Windoze no joy but Powerpoint worked OK. Until yesterdays service where we had a chap come in with USB stick with an older 'Vanuatu visit 2017.ppt' file which did not work with OpenLP, we had to switch back to Easyworship to get the slides to show. It did not make sense and Im going to investigate further because Easyworship uses the same Powerpoint. Oddly, the slides did show in preview they just did not get through to Monitor 2/projector.
    Found that Display 2/Projector was set to 1280x1024 when the projector itself was 1280x800. Simply by changing Display 2 settings to match projector has obviously fixed resolution anomalies but also accidentally fixed the powerpoint inability to display the aforementioned .ppt !

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