[Feature Request] Various

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Im hoping to be able to contribute as a programmer later, but for now, these are what I think would be useful changes, some suggested by others:

  1. In Service Manager ability to multi-select items and delete selected items or change song themes etc.
  2. File/Print Service: Use Service Manager for a new property as my item 1 eg multi-select as before which excludes from print those not selected. Reason, most services have slides, ads, news, countdown to National Anthem etc which are irrelevant to service order. To enable, new property in General Settings [x] Service Order Selected Only. Alternatively, have the output saved as a doc file which can be easily edited to user needs.
  3. If there is an online database of songs when a song search is missing a song, but in online, could it be imported or stacked into an edit field? (possibly a can of worms). Ive since discovered CCLI/import but that seems not functioning (see separate thread).
  4. LOGO for live: Toolbar/Live Window: assign a logo image to the blank button would make real sense, or another button as Logo in Live Window.
  5. Service Manager to change font color (or dim font) once item has gone live, to help operator keep track of whats been and whats left.
  6. File/Print/Print Library Song List (titles and authors and total count).
  7. Song count within database eg by selecting all in Songs, the total selected is shown above Song list. Helps verify that an import from another source has been completed correctly. Also during song export in export mainform after songs checked: 'Total Selected %number'
  8. Toggle Tracking is a bit ambiguous eg when checked is it tracking or not? I know this, but its not clear. IMHO better would be to move checkbox from Tools/Tracking to Settings/General/Application Settings [x] Song Usage Tracking. Makes the switch clearer, and reduces likelyhood of fiddlers changing the tracking setting in menu (but keep shortcut F4 - but suggest a modal messagebox to show 'Tracking Disabled').


  • An alternative is to make a wallpaper with your logo, and then use the show desktop button in Open LP. But hopefully that will be added in the future.

    From what I've seen of EasyWorship (the newer versions anyway), the things I wish OpenLP had is the ability to change backgrounds of items easily without having to create new themes for each one. Also the powerpoint style editor it has for custom slides (Using OpenLP I usually end up making custom slides in powerpoint and importing them either as images or powerpoint)
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