Copying Songs from one computer to another

We have added many hymns and spiritual songs over the past 1-1/2 years.  All of this has been done on my laptop which is about to crash.  So I downloaded OpenLP onto our new desktop computer. 

Question... how may I copy the songs from the laptop to the desktop?  Here's what I have tried.  I copied the OpenLP folder from my laptop onto a portable hard drive.  I attached that hard drive to the desktop computer and copied the laptop files to the new OpenLP folder on the desktop.  But the songs were not there.  When I opened OpenLP on the desktop computer, they were the stock songs.

Could anyone provide some help?  Where is the song file stored?  Would I transfer it like any other file?

Thank you!


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    Hi TCRay,

    1. Go into OpenLP and click on Settings > Configure OpenLP.
    2. Go to the Advanced section, and at the bottom of the dialogue box you should see a section called 'Data Location.' That will tell you where your files are stored.
    3. Now, in Windows Explorer go to the path you found in OpenLP - you can copy and paste the 'Current Path' text if you need to. That's where your songs are stored; I would simply copy the whole 'Data' folder as it also has all your themes and so on in there.
    4. On the new computer, follow the same steps to find where your data folder is. Close OpenLP, then paste the old data folder from the old PC in it's place (i.e replace the 'new' data folder with the 'old' data folder).
    5. Restart OpenLP and everything should be there.
  • Specifically, the songs are stored in a SQLite database called songs.sqlite in your data_location\songs
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