Feature requests: WSYWIG text editor and change background independent of theme

These are the features I constantly wish OpenLP had, particularly with the song/custom slide text editor, it can get confusing using formatting tags, particularly if we want this to be more friendly for less tech literate people. It would be nice to see a preview of what was actually happening. In addition to this, I'm sent text for the service in word documents, I would like to be able to paste it in to OpenLP retaining some of the formatting like bold text rather than having to add it again.

I also would like to be able to set a background image without having to create hundreds of themes..

At the moment, because of these things, I mainly use OpenLP for songs and readings, for any custom stuff I create the slides in powerpoint and save them as JPEGS.


  • Hi!
    The WYSIWYG editor has often been requested, but so far it hasn't been implemented. Lack of resources is part of the explanation...
    About the background changing, what is the reasons for doing this? I'd like to understand why and how such a feature would be used.
  • At my church, during the call to worship, benediction etc we like to use different pictures, mostly as landscape, while the format of the text stays the same.

    Oh, one other thing, to take bible verses into the editor. Sometimes the preacher will request that words be underlined or highlighted, At the moment there are two ways I can do this, Create a custom slide instead or rename the osz file to .zip, extract it and edit the json.

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