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Hello there! :-)

Sorry if this was asked before, but I couldn't find it through searchbar and the first few sites.

I've been looking for a good presentation software since few years. Our Church is using "SongBeamer" at the moment, but its rather outdated and has not that much features, but is simple to use and clear.
After searching for alternatives I came across OpenLP, which lured me the most, and testing v2.4 out after practicing it was also rather clear and has good import and manage functions. Sadly a feature Songbeamer has, animated backgrounds, is missing in OpenLP yet. I know about the workaround with transparent windows, but it should work out of the box cause some of my beamer colleagues doesn't have much technical understanding.
"ProPresenter 6" is another really cool and mighty software, we would even pay that high price once, but it has a major flaw: Not a single one german bible younger than 50 years.
Therefore I've been waiting for OpenLP 3.0 since 2017 as it should have all that needed functions to finally switch over, but I don't see any information about the process and how long it will still take.

Can anyone give some info?
Is there a realistic release date and which "milestones" has been included so far?

Thanks for your hard work and be blessed!


  • Hi,

    All the developers are volunteers who work in their spare time between family, church and other commitments to develop OpenLP. We cannot give any estimates as to when the next version will be out, as this depends completely on the amount of time we are able to work on OpenLP. We are still working on the 3.0 release, and we've made some good progress recently, but it's still a number of months away.
  • Thanks for your reply! Nonetheless I think it would be good to just type a few lines every at least 6 months to quickly inform people that there is still enough work to do and this is no project without future after last blogpost for this topic was on 12th November.
    Sadly my programming skills aren't that good, I wish I could help...
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