Preview Panels Blank


  • We had the same problem and did the suggestion above of renaming the relevant HKEY file and then re-installed OpenLP. I thought it was all working ok but then this evening I had a training session with a new user (the first time I've used OpenLP since the error was fixed) and discovered that the Preview panels are all blank.Also when OpenLP starts the logo appears on a  white screen instead of the usual just-logo over whatever was on screen before. I have re-installed OpenLP (again!) and this has not resolved the problem. Obviously we can use the software on Sunday but it is not ideal without the Preview.
    What's more, I've just found exactly the same on my Mac at home, as per screen shot. The Church computer is Windows running Windows 7.

    We save all files to Dropbox, and so both Windows and Mac computers are accessing the same set of data. It's worked great for 18 months so I don't know why it is not now. Also can't understand how the data files affect the Preview option.

    Any ideas gratefully accepted.
  • I've split your query into a different post because it is unrelated to the -1 error.

    I'm guessing you just haven't re-set OpenLP up the way you used to have it on your Windows computer. My guess is that you're looking for the single-click preview setting, and the default image.

    Check the OpenLP manual page about the advanced settings:

  • Thanks. I'll try the settings panel tomorrow

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