Making Some Basic Tutorials - Would like some suggestions


(Kindly direct me if there is already a post/section for this)

I've been using OpenLP for about 5 years and would like to make some tutorials for the public. I thought I would ask here for some suggested topics and provide the published materials for public use. I would like to make these short and single minded video lessons (less than 5 minutes, 1 basic goal per lesson). 

Kindly share any topics and please mention difficulty level in your suggestion. Here is what I have planned so far:
  1. A User interface walk-through and general explanation of What can be accomplished with OpenLP
  2. A project-based tutorial - Creating a Service/Event/Presentation from start to finish 
  3. A number of basic tutorials to help beginners (the menu, the library panel, the preview/live panel, etc.)
  4. A set of more focused mini-lessons that explore features in more detail Here  are some examples I though of:
 - Using the Remote feature
 - Creating a theme 
 - Working with Custom Slides

The materials would be provided for free for use/sharing. I like OpenLP and think this can be my way of contributing. I just want to see if I can get some input/feedback first. 

So - what topics do you think would be good to cover? Any suggestions on format? Where should this be posted (Youtube/Vimeo, etc)? What's a smart way to ensure that translation works well (use YouTube Captions or offer the silent video for other users to create other narrations & reUpload)?) 



  • Hello!
    Great idea to make tutorials!
    I think one topic barely touched is the custom stages (how to customize one with html and css).
    YouTube is the best option, because is where everyone looks first.

    Have a nice day!
  • Given, that in a community there is 1 person knowing OpenLP very well which wants to introduce other people in the science of presenting, there are some topics that would be interesting to have a tutorial to give them:

    - Adding bibles to OpenLP
    - How to get two installations to the same state (songs, shortcuts, Designs, Bibles, Settings) in oder to make the notebooks interchangeable.
    - Introduction into the coolest shortcuts to fasten everydays work.

    @ahsayn you are going to do a great work. Please post the links here once the first tutorials are finished. Can't wait for it!
  • Thank you both. I had forgotten I placed this here. I will work on this and update you once they are done for feedback
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