Uploading Songs with CCLI License/SongSelect and Just a little more :)

Hello. I am new as of last week to OpenLP. Love it. I am searching the forums for a lot. I have got the Bibles down. I am having a difficult time with SongSelect. I read there was a bug with uploading the song. I did not see where that problem has been solved. Is that correct?  I receive an error message when the song uploads and it crashes the system. I am hoping in sending my email via that popup relays straight to it needs to go to. 

I have tried to work around going straight to SongSelect, however, seems the songs I wish to download the lyrics are copyrighted and I have to having the subscription to SongSelect to download those. I have the free version. Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know anywhere else I can get African American songs(lyrics). Seems as though, there is not any available from Today's top hits. 

I have read the manual on how to run the bible verses live. What am I missing in the Manual where is says how to move forward to the next verse? I saw there was a auto move forward, but I would need a "Do It Yourself", (Manual) move.

If anyone, as well, have anymore suggestions where to upload lyrics, please do not hesitate to advise. I have been looking through forums, and truthfully you can spend days at a time looking. And I do search, maybe there is a "key" to how you search to find something you need help on in the discussion forums. When I search, the forum usually pull from years ago. And some links are out of date. 

But, thanks for any feedback. I realize everyone is busy.  In Kind!!!


  • wlcc98, welcome to OpenLP.  To download the lyrics from SongSelect you must have a paid account.  You should be following the copyright laws according to the country in which you reside.  Suggest you take a look at https://us.ccli.com/.
    Our church has found that the paid account with SongSelect is a good value.
    As for moving to next slide with bible verses in OpenLP, just use the down arrow key, same as for next slide in songs.

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