Deleting duplicate songs deletes ALL copies of song

Hi - running OpenLP 2.4.6 on Windows 10.

It seems that recently, when using Tools > Find Duplicate Songs, when I delete one of two songs it marked duplicates, I end up not having either of the songs left! I tried this a couple of times because I doubted what I was seeing. After restoring the songs.sqlite database from a backup, I tried first re-indexing from the Tools menu, then tried the Find Duplicate again, and this time deleted one of 2 copies of a different song. I closed OpenLP, re-opened it and sure enough - the song was totally missing!

In both cases, each of the duplicates found appeared to be exact duplicates, as far as I could tell.

I'm pretty sure this had worked properly in the past, but seems to be consistently doing evil now! 

Thanks for any suggestions!


  • Has no one seen this happen? I just tried it again, and again after deleting one version of a song with 2 versions, the song vanished from the list of songs. Developers: Viewing the database with 'Db Browser for SQLite', there WAS one version of the song left in the database, but with the 'temporary' column set to 1. Using "select title, last_modified, id from songs where temporary=1", I find 258 rows (songs) with temporary=1. What is happening here?
  • Just so you know @JohnM has been looking in to this.
  • The songs with temporary=1 should have been removed each time you close OpenLP.  This is fixed in the new release coming out this year.  And we have added the last modified date and the theme to the meta data at the top of the review screen for each song.  The issue of deleting all versions of the songs when only one or a few are selected is still being worked.
    Until the next version comes out, version 2.4.6 will create a temp song record each time you edit a song and has no way to remove the temp files.  Of course you could use the sqlite browser to remove them....just remember to make a backup before you try to delete the temp first!
  • I have a few questions....on the issue with all the songs being deleted when you only select one out of two....

    1. When you select the Delete button, did you get a screen with one song on it?
    2. Did you press the Delete button again? 
      I hope not, this is the song you wanted to keep.....and your correct if you said there is not much to tell you that!  I hope the extra information at the top of the screen helps you to see that.
    3. When you finished the wizard, did you restart OpenLP?  
      When I ran the wizard and then looked for the the one song I kept, it was not there....once I restarted OpenLP it was there.....
    4. Can you see if this happens for you?  And please make a backup copy of the songs database before you try anything!  Best to be safe!
    Thanks you for helping us solve this issue.
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