Deleting duplicate songs deletes ALL copies of song

Hi - running OpenLP 2.4.6 on Windows 10.

It seems that recently, when using Tools > Find Duplicate Songs, when I delete one of two songs it marked duplicates, I end up not having either of the songs left! I tried this a couple of times because I doubted what I was seeing. After restoring the songs.sqlite database from a backup, I tried first re-indexing from the Tools menu, then tried the Find Duplicate again, and this time deleted one of 2 copies of a different song. I closed OpenLP, re-opened it and sure enough - the song was totally missing!

In both cases, each of the duplicates found appeared to be exact duplicates, as far as I could tell.

I'm pretty sure this had worked properly in the past, but seems to be consistently doing evil now! 

Thanks for any suggestions!
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